A five star testimonial - Five yellow plastic stars on a pink and blue background

What is a testimonial?

The Collins English Dictionary defines a testimonial as:

“a recommendation of the character, ability, etc, of a person or of the quality of a consumer product or service, esp. by a person whose opinion is valued”

They help give your prospective clients evidence of…

  • What it’s like to work with you
  • The benefits of your services or products
  • The value you give your clients

Asking your clients for feedback

This is where things can get awkward! The project went well, you know you’ve done an excellent job, and delivered the agreed work. But there is still something about asking for feedback that feels uncomfortable, a bit like getting your school report or going into a performance review.

Having a plan helps. Add requesting a testimonial into your project handover process. Create a list of questions to guide your clients. Or send them a short questionnaire.

And chase it up. Remember, capturing what it’s like to work with you means making attracting new clients easier.

Tips for using testimonials on your website

There are two approaches I see when it comes to using testimonials on websites:

  1. A separate page full of endorsements; or
  2. Strategic placement throughout the site, including alongside the service they relate to.

I recommend the second approach. Why? Because I don’t think people read pages full of testimonials. If they are on the same page as your service copy, they are more relevant and powerful.

People are more likely to read them. And they are giving specific evidence to your prospective customers.

In other words, doing their job!

Other things to consider

  • Don’t be afraid to edit your feedback – you don’t have to include testimonials verbatim
  • Include details of the person giving the testimonial – their name, plus a photo or their company logo
  • Style them consistently across the website
  • For longer testimonials, consider using them in a case study for greater impact

Sharing testimonials on your business website can be the difference between attracting new clients or them choosing someone else. Use them to enhance your business offerings and shout out about how great you are at what you do.

If you would like help making the most of your clients’ testimonials on your website, drop me an email at hello@wisegenius.co.uk.

Image credit: Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash