Willing Voices

Jess Wills’ mantra is “No pressure, just singing” and under the guise of Willing Voices she is on a mission to get people singing! Alongside lessons for both children and adults, she is bringing her passion into the business environment with singing workshops aimed at boosting confidence and team morale.

Project details

It is hard not to get excited about a website project when the client is as enthusiastic and passionate about their business as Jess Wills. Up until recently, Willing Voices had been promoted from a Facebook page and Twitter account; with the move into business workshops, Jess felt she was ready for a website. From the outset, Wise Genius recommended using WordPress to power the site, particularly as Jess wanted to be in control of the content and potentially add a blog in the future. The design was kept clean and simple, with the use of legible fonts to help project the mainly text content. As the main call to action was to get in touch with Willing Voices, Jess’ contact details were made prominent throughout the site, alongside “Book a lesson” buttons.

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