I’ve given myself a new job title.

One cool thing about working for yourself is that you get to choose your own job title. And no one else in the company gets their nose put out of joint. There’s no whispering in the corridors, no one thinking you’re getting above your station.

So, I’m now referring to myself as a WordPress Troubleshooter.

It sums up what I love doing in two words.

Dictionary definitions of troubleshooter mention diplomats, political disputes, mechanical equipment repairs. Not my scene at all!

But they also refer to someone skilled at solving problems or difficulties. Or a person who locates the cause of trouble and removes or treats it.

This demonstrates what I love to do when it comes to WordPress websites. My 12+ years’ experience of using WordPress makes me the perfect person to sort issues or problems.

Everything from those niggles that you put up, to the big things that stop your site from working at its best. I aim to give you peace of mind that your WordPress site is safe, secure and running well. And supporting your business 24/7.

Troubleshooting examples

Here are some recent examples of my troubleshooting…

  • Fixing an influx on spam contact form submissions
  • Putting back together a broken web page layout
  • Recording some short videos to talk someone through adding links and removing widgets.
  • Uploading blog posts to WordPress
  • Updating core software and plugins to the latest versions
  • Giving advice about switching PHP versions
  • Redesigning website pages, adding in new content alongside layout changes.

Ways I can help you

If you think your website could do with some troubleshooting, here are some ways I can help.

Website untangling

60 minutes with me over Zoom talking through and solving as many issues as we can.

Website support packages

Regular maintenance & support for your WordPress website. No more worrying about updates, back-ups, or security issues.

Website health check

The ultimate troubleshooting experience. I carry out a comprehensive review of your WordPress site. You get a detailed report, including recommendations and advice on making improvements.

See all the ways to work with me.

And if you’re not sure what help you need, you can always book a 30-minute discovery call to see how we could work together.