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One word – security!

WordPress is a living, breathing product that is constantly evolving for the benefit of its users. The core software is secure, due to a continuous audit by a team of 100+ developers. As well as improving WordPress’ functionality, updates fix security and maintenance issues. Such problems are only found once the software is out in the wild. Because so many people use WordPress – current statistics estimate it powers 38% of all websites – they take security seriously. Popularity brings hackers, an unfortunate downside, and WordPress are committed to making their product as robust as possible.

Therefore, running an old version of WordPress puts your website at risk.

So, what can you do about it?

  • Log into the back end of your website and check what version of WordPress you are running.
  • If it is 5.5, congratulations, you are all good to go!
  • If not, take a back-up of your site before hitting the Update button. This will protect you if something goes wrong.

If the thought of updating WordPress scares you, I’m happy to talk you through it – you can email me at, call 07530 547683, or message me on LinkedIn.

Photo by Liam Tucker on Unsplash