What does your business name say about you and what you do?

Wise Genius could do anything, right?

Back in 2009 when I was considering what to call myself, I put a few phrases into an anagram solver to avoid “Susie Tobias Web Design”.

Two words in the results caught my attention– wise and genius.

Wise Genius had a certain something about it – but it had an air of superiority and self-importance that didn’t sit well with me. Still, those two words stayed with me, and I looked them up in the dictionary.

wise adj 1 having or showing wisdom; prudent; sensible. 2 learning or knowledgeable. 3 astute, shrewd, or sagacious.

genius noun (geniuses) 1 someone who has outstanding creative or intellectual ability. 2 such ability.

I couldn’t possibly be so pretentious as to call myself Wise Genius. Or could I? Luckily, my husband stepped in and pointed out that I could flip my thinking around – my clients would be the wise ones for choosing to work with me.

Not long after, the owl was added to my branding – it fitted perfectly! And is now on its third iteration, thanks to the wonderful Anne-Marie Miller at Carbon Orange.

And so Wise Genius was born. No clue to what I do, but a great reminder to my clients of why they hired me!

I am knowledge about WordPress. I’m astute when it comes to understanding your business and what you need from a website. As for my creative ability, look at some of the websites I’ve designed and you can decide for yourself!

If you’d like Wise Genius to create you a new WordPress website or review your existing one, drop me a line at hello@wisegenius.co.uk or book a discovery call.