Being clear with your clients about what you don’t do is as important as telling them what you do.

The word nope handwritten in white paint on a wooden floor

How often has someone asked you whether you do X, or could you help them with Y? As a web designer, I’m always asked about SEO or whether I can help fix someone’s computer! Working in a tech-based industry, people assume a lot about your skills.

When it comes to being clear about what you don’t do, an FAQ page on your website is the perfect place to do it. Pull together those questions you’re asked and answer them honestly. Your visitors will be grateful for the clarity, and it could save you from some wasted conversations.

These are some things I can’t help you with…

  • Writing content for your website
  • Designing a logo or other graphics
  • Supplying photographs
  • Improvements to your website’s search engine ranking
  • Setting-up social media profiles and getting followers & likes

Now, even though I can’t do these things, I can recommend you to someone else who specialises in them – eloquent copywriters, imaginative graphic designers, creative photographers, capable SEO specialists, and engaging social media managers.

And I always welcome introductions to these types of businesses! If you think you fit the bill, please get in touch – email me at

For the record, I design & build WordPress websites driven by personality and connection for businesses at a point of change.

Image credit: Daniel Herron on Unsplash