You may have noticed the big blue button on the Wise Genius homepage entitled “Book a Discovery Call”.

But what exactly is a discovery call and why would you want to book one?

A discovery call is a 30 minute, no obligation chat with me to see whether I can help you with a website-related issue you are experiencing.

You could be looking for someone to design and build you a brand-new WordPress website. Or give your current one a spruce up. You may have an issue with WordPress that you need help with.  Or would like some general website advice.

Either way, a discovery call is the perfect way for you to get some help and find out more about how I work.

OK, so what happens when you hit the blue button?

The Wise Genius homepage showing the Book a Discovery Call button

Clicking the “Book a Discovery Call” button takes you through to a booking service called YouCanBookMe*. Here you can view my availability over the coming weeks and book an appointment time that suits you. We both get an email confirming the appointment.

At this point, I will get in touch to check whether you want to chat via telephone or Zoom; if the latter, I’ll send you the appropriate invitation. I may also ask for a summary of what you would like to talk about, so I can prepare some questions.

When it comes to the call, you’ll probably do a lot of talking, whilst I listen & ask the occasional question. After 30 minutes, we should have a way forward, whether we end up working together or not. I’ll follow up via email with any information I agreed to provide.

And that’s it – the discovery call demystified!

Please feel free to hit that big blue button and book one, even for a friendly get-to-know-you chat.

*YouCanBookMe is a Bedford-based business providing a simple online scheduling service that connects with your calendar and lets you book meetings without the need for continuous back and forth emails.