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Over the last 12 months, mobile and tablet Internet use have started to overtake desktop computers. Mobile phones are increasing used for search, online purchases and of course, social media interactions. Is your business website able to compete in this mobile-led landscape?

Google’s new tool, the Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool not only lets you know whether your site is mobile friendly, it also gives you a detailed analysis of how well it performs across mobile and desktop devices.

How to use the tool

Enter your website URL (the www. + domain name bit) into the search box and hit Test Now.

Google's Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool

You will be presented with a page like this:

Wise Genius Mobile Website Speed Test results

As you can see, whilst the Wise Genius website is 100% mobile friendly, it ranks as poor for both mobile and desktop performance! Luckily, Google provides a handy colour-coded list of what you can fix to improve your website speed. Scroll down the page to see the results for each aspect of the test.

And if you get your free report, which I highly recommend, you will be given links to useful information to help you make the prescribed fixes.

Need helping to understand your Test My Site with Google report?

I am happy to discuss your results and work with you to improve your test scores, both in terms of increasing the speed of your site and making it mobile friendly.

Still need convincing that a mobile friendly website will be good for you and your business? This handy infographic, produced by Harrison Myers Business Development sets out 7 reasons why?

Top Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Friendly Website Right Now inforgraphic