The 100 Day Project Part 1

On 4th April 2017, I started a creative experiment – the 100 Day Project, a free, global art project. The idea is simple – pick a creative action you can repeat daily with ease for a hundred days, commit to doing it and share the results via Instagram so the world can see what you’re up to.

100 days of folding paper

I committed to creating a new piece of origami, using the hashtag #100daysofwiseorigami. I bookmarked a couple of websites that included step-by-step guides to folding everything from simple boxes to complex bird designs, got myself some coloured origami paper, and started folding.

Below are the results of the first 14 days. I have only had one disaster, a cactus that ended up as a ball of paper thrown across the room. I decided not to start again that day, instead choosing to document my failure. Making mistakes and being OK with it is something I need to practice; there will inevitably be more!

Origami house
Day 1 – a simple house.
Blue origami boat
Day 2 – a blue boat
Pink origami triangular box
Day 3 – a triangular box
An origami flamingo
Day 4 – a flamingo
Origami ice cream cone
Day 5 – an ice cream cone
Origami star
Day 6 – a modular star
Three origami blossoms
Day 7 – multi-coloured blossoms
Origami tulip & stem
Day 8 – a tulip
Screwed up ball of paper
Day 9 – cactus failure
Origami pelican
Day 10 – a pelican
Origami samurai hat
Day 11 – a Japanese samurai hat
Origami water balloon
Day 12 – Japanese water balloon
Origami box and lid containing chocolate eggs
Day 13 – Box & lid, Happy Easter
Origami box
Day 14 – Japanese offering tray

You can follow my progress on Instagram or check back here over the coming months to see whether I’ve managed to master the classic origami crane. Search for #the100dayproject to see some amazing art being created.

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