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Wise Genius is the creative guise of Susie Tobias, a web designer and developer based in Bedford, UK. Serving a diverse client base, Susie works collaboratively with businesses to help them make the most of their web presence.

Wise Genius is all about designing websites that help you attract your ideal customer and generate new business opportunities. A website that is a true reflection of you and what your company stands for.

Whilst Susie brings expertise in building websites, you, the client, bring vital knowledge of your business, customers and working practices. A successful website is born out of the mix of this know-how. Susie can tailor the design to meet the your aspirations and give you a say in how your business is represented.

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Susie Tobias

Susie Tobias

Hi, I’m Susie Tobias, the face behind the purple owl!

I first became involved with websites in 2001, working on the Netmums local site for Bedford. This sparked a desire to learn more about how the web worked and how websites are built. I quickly picked-up HTML and CSS and started reading anything and everything I could about web design and development. I built my first site in 2007 and, after much deliberating, launched Wise Genius in March 2010.

Away from the web, I love to bake, read and meditate. I’m partial to a Moscow Mule, revel in watching Rafa Nadal play tennis, and am a huge fan of Coldplay. I harbour a secret ambition to be famous just so I can take part in Strictly Come Dancing!

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